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Shopping For Carpet

There is nothing more frustrating then trying to pick out carpet

especially if more than one person needs to put in there opinion. Most

carpet shoppers dread the experience and try to avoid it as long as


Frieze is a very popular type of carpeting that offers many benefits

without having to compromise on style and beauty.

When shopping for carpet there are some points you might want to

review before making your decision. It can be broken down into three

points. First it should have 75% twist to the fiber. Second it should be

15% fiber type and third it should have at least a 10% density. Here is an

explanation of those points.

The TWIST type carpet has a spiral shape to it. When heated the yarn is

twisted into its shape and remains that way permanently. It should have

a minimum of seven twists but the more twists it has the better the

carpet. The final product has a great look and feel to it.

The FIBER TYPE carpets use a nylon yarn and of very high quality. For

rooms that have carpets laid wall to wall this is a great carpet product

and one of the most popular.

The DENSITY can sometimes be deceiving. Many think that the denser

the carpet the better the quality but you can actually have carpet that

is too dense. Carpet fibers should wear on their sides not on the tops so

the fiber needs some room to move.

Now lets take a look at a selection of carpet manufacturers:

Gulistan: has made its name as one of the top carpet makers producing

Frieze. Early on it set the trend using more colors and providing easy

carpet care. Gulistan is not the biggest in fact it is one of the smallest

carpet manufacturers in the world but it has what it takes to create a

high quality product to compete in the marketplace.

Laura Ashley manufactures carpeting that has a more elegant English

countryside look and feel. It inspires many designers. Laura Ashley

creates the same looks in everything from linens, paint products and

fabrics to cover those worn out pieces of furniture.

Beaulieu industries licensed the name Laura Ashley and produced over

two dozen consumer products. They also produced a Frieze carpet to

compete in the market. Their carpet line has been very successful and

very competitive.

So what have we learned? When you have to shop for carpet you

should take the time to check out all your options to see what will and

not work in your home. Remember there are many types and styles of

carpets to chose from. Whether you chose carpet that is looped, piled,

Berber or Frieze it is important that it is something that enhances your

living area.

And you can always count on friends and family to give you a second

opinion. Many retailers will let you check out samples to take home and

see how they work into your décor. Ask people that have experience in

carpets to assist you.

If available use the internet to research the different types of carpeting

that are used in different areas of the home. Take your time this is a

critical purchase that you will have to look at for years to come and you

want to be happy with your choice.

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